What To Love From Girls’ Generation? [PART 1] (ENGLISH)

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GIRLS’ GENERATION / 소녀시대 / SNSD / So Nyuh Shi Dae / SoShi / 少女時代

Share a few things that I knew about the Girls’ Generation. I wanna suggest you to know, admire, and love them.


I’m not going to change your hatred for SNSD to love and obssession. I just want to share things that i know about them that maybe can make your life more meaningful.

I let you to see the beautiful side of SONE Fandom. Know more about SNSD with their weakness and greatness. See these 9 girls from their bright and dark side. What they had been faced. Get to know THE WONDERS OF GIRLS’ GENERATION, the miracle that hopefully not only theirs, but also yours.

SNSD change my live. Bring happiness.The completeness between unperfection. Human being with their weakness but work to be a great persons.

Goddesses, angels, and wonderful human.






“They are not just idols, they are my role models”


Start the years to know them change my life to be amazing .

Some might think that nothing special of being a SONE (Fans of Girls’ Generation). But at least for me, be a part of this fandom taught me many things.


Surely everyone has traveled through their lives searching for what they want
Like seeds gathered by tiny hands, becoming beautiful flowers

– SNSD Born To Be A Lady-


Started their debut on 5th of August 2007 at a music show called “SBS Inkigayo”  with their song “INTO THE NEW WORLD”. Introduced to the public as a group of girls under a South Korea agency company called SM Entertainment. They started their career as a 9 members girl group.

“They say ‘Lucky Number 7’ but Lucky Number 9 has been ingrained in my head. My lucky number is 9.” – Stephanie Hwang (Midnight TV Entertainment, 11th Nov 2010)


Consist of Kim Tae Yeon (Leader), and the other 8 members: Jung Soo Yeon (Jessica), Lee Sun Kyu (Sunny), Hwang Mi Young (Stephanie/ Tiffany), Kwon Yu Ri, Kim Hyo Yeon, Choi Soo Young, Im Yoon A, and the youngest member Seo Joo Hyun (Seo Hyun).


Thank you so much to the staff who took nine average girls and turned them into SNSD

Kwon Yuri


Being a girl group isn’t as easy as being a boy group. Under SM Entertainment with lots of boy groups, they have to accept the critics, especially from their seniors fans.

The critics came for many reasons, such as their attitudes, how they dressed, scandals,  gossips, their songs lyrics or melodies, concepts, and many more. Everything could be accept, and they tried to fix it more and more. Until a nightmare came.


DREAM CONCERT 2008 FAMOUS BLACK OCEAN. Once in K-Pop history, SNSD were ignored and rejected by the audiences.Their light sticks were off and they started to yell other group’s name instead of they who performed on stage, So Nyeo Shi Dae.


Don’t tease me because I’m young
I couldn’t say a word because I was too shy
on’t tease me because I’m young
It’s just words that will pass on by

– SNSD So Nyuh Shi Dae-


A party concert where the fans could support their idols turned into a terrible darkness for the 9 girls on that stage. The nightmare that they never ever wanted to have.





June 7th 2008


They stood on the stage with their smiles, finished the two songs that they had to perform. With smiles and a little bit teary eyes.

The big thing that can never be forget. Not only for them, but also SONEs that came to see them that day. SONEs around the world who love them until today.



NOT ONLY ONCE, THERE WERE ALSO SMTOWN SHANGHAI (2008). Yup,once again they had to face the public tantrums with ‘ THE SPECIAL SILENT TREATMENT’ while they performed their medley song (Let’s go So Nyeo Shi Dae!!)  on stage.

The people used their fandom light sticks to gave the girls cross signs. The punishment (they said) because of the member’s (Tiffany) bad behavior. (About the catastrophe that time)


The mistakes because Tiffany was a new comer that couldn’t speak Korean fluently. She lived in Korea with her lack. Lived alone, far from her family who stayed in The U.S.

B3 B4

They never stand alone. Their SONEs always there with the pastel roses that shine inside the darkness.


MNET even made a special TV coverage, the investigation for that terrible accident. How many bad news about SONE that accused of rapped, persecution, ripped banner, and lots of terrible FANACCs about this fandom.



“Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.”

 Lee Soonkyu (during one of her radio broadcasts)

Out from the worst history in 2008, they are becoming THE SOUTH KOREA NATIONAL GIRL GROUP. They was the most influential figure for years in a row. They started to known as lovely girls to people, funny, talented, polite, friendly, ambitious, and of course beautiful.

They escaped their deterioration with their new spirit. After 9 months hiatus they came back with a new song. A hit that could break the new record that time.“GEE” (2009) already hypnotized many people and made them won 9 trophies from weekly music show called Music Bank. They won 9 weeks in a row, hard to believe.

“We made a comeback within 9 months…and for 9 weeks, the 9 members received 9 trophies.”

SNSD (Entertainment Relay, 18th April 2009)




Tiffany Stephanie Hwang:

To our Dearest Wonderful Lovable Sowons,
We always remind ourselves, especially lately, that doesnt matter how tired and exhausted we are, how we always thought fatigue is going to strike us anytime soon, but we knew, after all this, is always worth it, cos when we have sowons, smiling, singing, cheering, dancing along with us, this is much more worth than anything we can have and expect ! the uncountable supports, the unlimited love ! and they say ” we exist because of SNSD ” but we all believes, that we are fated and meant to exist together as ONE… even till the end

from all of us ;
Girls Generation

“We can at least go backstage where it’s cool and get rest, but the fans have to stay and watch in the heat. It’s not me mom…it’s the fans who have it hard.”

Kim Taeyeon (during one of SNSD’s concerts, as told by her mom to a fan)

They who love their fans with all of their heart.

SONEs make us more popular. So please don’t hate them. SNSD loves you SONEs ” – Kim Taeyeon



I think SONEs are really special, even our idol made a ‘Thank and Sorry’ video for us. The video that specially uploaded by official channel ‘SMTOWN’ from Choi Sooyoung.


“We will show you a SNSD that works even harder in the future. We will try hard to deserve even more love in the future as well. ”

SUNNY (Melon Music Award, 16th Dec 2009)




 “That was our energy source seeing that pink wave.” – Im YoonA

“I think it thanks to all the loving fans over anything else. This is not a day for us to be congratulated but a day for us to congratulate the fans.”

Kwon Yuri (GDA, 9th Dec 2010)


They have cool anti- fans name, ‘ SAFER’ (SNSD Anti Fans For Eternity) and ‘STAND’ (Strong ‘Till All Nine Disappear). But they also cool fans name named SONE (In Korean pronounce ‘sowon’, means ‘wish’). With fanbase members over 200.000 (Daum Official Korea) and over 250.000 (Soshified International SNSD Forum)



5 years ago, I started Soshified. It has now grown to be a community with over 250,000 members, 12 million monthly views, collected over $80,000 of donations for charities, been interviewed for numerous TV networks & newspapers worldwide, programmed events for thousands in Korea, NYC, California, Paris, and more, helped companies such as Intel, SM, opened so many opportunities, and met some life-long friends along the way. For those that say dreams aren’t worth chasing, maybe they aren’t running fast enough. Here’s to the dreamers and believers and most importantly the supporters! Let’s continue to learn and grow. Thank you to all that have been a part of this journey, from start to now, I hope we can continue together for more years to come and support more sides of Girls’ Generation.

 Soyuri (Founder Of Soshified)

“We can be the ideal types for both boys and girls” – Kim Taeyeon



You asked us about teamwork, but really there is no secret. We just live like sisters.”Choi Sooyoung




“We can only shine brightest as SNSD when SNSD stands on one stage as nine.” – Yuri



Their friendship remind me of my best friends. Their special bond is beyond strong.



Jigeumen So Nyeo Shi Dae, Apurodu So Nyeo Shi Dae,Yowonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae,
So Nyeo Shi Dae Saranghae


Right now Girls’Generation

From now Girls’Generation

Forever Girls’Generation

Girls’Generation WE LOVE YOU


Have you ever know that many of us love them cause of another part of them, not only because of them that appear on stage with dance, voice, and other talents. There is another side of SNSD that we loved. We love them for the things that maybe can’t be shown on stage.

They who are best friends. Know each others weakness and filling each other. They who fill each others make perfection. Smile widely while together. Circling, hugging, holding hands while praying or accept the awards  . Accept the result of their hard works. Thanks to album fulled with hope and dreams. Defend, advise, and silly mock.


“To me, SNSD is not somewhere that simply provides money or fame. It is a place where we have lessons in life. It’s a place where we adjust everything initially in conflict one by one, until we embrace one another. You can never find lessons as good as these elsewhere. I learn most things in a little society named SNSD.”


Little things like share drinks, say “FIGHTING”, proudly pat, wipe tears, stroked the head, holding hands, dance together, do silly things and other things that makes their friendship seems so real.


Love sincerely given in front and behind people. The tradition , circle the birthday member. Give surprises that make every members feel like they’re needed by others. They who never complained how many times they being on camera. Only giving their best.  Smiling and waving without thinking “Are they my fans or my friends’ fans?”.


“I wish SNSD’s way down can be more beautiful than anyone else’ and that we will enjoy what we have right now. I wish we would all do things with a positive mind.” – Jessica


They are humans  who have the limit . The weakness only shown behind the scenes. Taeyeon that had to sent home while MC-ing, Jessica almost fainted in Legally Blonde musical performance, Sunny caught exhausted in the middle of Invicible Youth shooting, Tiffany that still perform even with limp leg, Hyoyeon who was the best trainee dancer but trapped inside lollipop creepy dance, Yuri who always shows her bright and silly side but had to close her personal blog because of antis, or Yoona that had to pass hundred casting and have to accept the hard responsibility of being the center of the group with tons of shooting schedules.


“In a family, we encounter happiness but also sadness, or good things but also bad things. However, let’s be together forever until the end.” – Tiffany


The angelic side and human being side appear in almost the same time make that magnet get me to them.


It doesn’t matter where I stand; whether at the front or at the back, in the middle or at the side. As long as I can get on stage and do what I love, that’s enough for me.” Kim Hyoyeon


“As much as you want to do it and as much as you put into it, that’s exactly how much it comes back to you.”



They stand with their own role in the group. They love what they’re doing. Under the spot light as one. Protect and giving trust to one another.


Sunny helped Taeyeon from kidnapping accident while performing on stage.


“Nine people who are so different from each other, have now become one.” Choi SooYoung



You know how at the very end, we all hold hands and bow to the audience? Actually because of our heels, the ground is very shaky, so we hold hands and depend on each other so that we don’t fall. I hope that we (SoShi & SONEs) can depend on each other and do well

Choi Soo Young


Realized their humanity side and work to be good persons and always growing together, make me aware. As a human I can’t live alone. We are all made to full fill each others. Make mistakes and fix it.

They who try to give the best for everyone around. Work hard not only to get money, but also happiness. Being their selves. Care to others. Learn without weary, to make theiir selves worth enough.

Lee Soo Man (founder of SM Entertainment) once said that Tiffany ever said:  


It’s already a happy thing to find a job that a person loves, but I am even happier because I’ve received an award while doing that happy thing”.


Taeyeon who really loves singing, Hyoyeon that dedicates her daily life to dance with all she might. They make me realized that everything I have, I should develop my talent with hard works and support, sincere, and desire. Not be the best but be the maximum. Be Myself without shame to say “I’m beautiful and talented”.

Like Sunny said, among them who don’t like her there must be others who loves her as she, herself. She only want to change to anyone who loves her. And like Jessica that chose to being honest to express herself rather than be a person full of fake.


In life we’re tested by major changes, delayed promises, impossible problems, unanswered prayers, undeserved criticism, and even senseless tragedies. He (GOD) tests faith through problems, hope by how we handle possessions, and love through people”

Snsd Tiffany, thanks to section of ‘oh!’ the 2nd album


“I still can’t believe now I’m the member of SNSD. It feels like miracle” – Hyoyeon


“Mr. Lee Soo Man always tell us, that we have long way to go. I believe what he said.”






Yoona and her foster kid


Pray together before and after do the activities. Send their fans with bible verses. Never stop being grateful for everything they had achieve. Because they know, they were not getting all alone. There are God and other people behind.


 Jessica and her fan on wheel chair – Legally Blonde


They work hard and never stop say thanks. Do good things unknowingly and ask people to join charity such: sell coffee, give chocolate or thank you cards, clothes and belonging auctions, be a campaign icons, adopt abandoned kid.

They make us realized, there are times when we are on the top, we should stop, close our eyes, look down, and be thankful. Help with things that not even have to be compared.




SNSD With Park Seung Il

The one who gives me faith. When I’m tired I talk to Tiffany unnie, she listens to me and gives me advice and prays for me. When I listen to those words from unnie I start feeling lot better and happier.” – Sulli



Teach their hoobaes (juniors) become charming persons that can’t be ignored. Be role models for younger and even older people.

Get bunch of envious not only because their physical beauties, but the auras that shine like magnetic powers that make them love by many people around them.

No need nonsense words, only action impact. No mater big or small. The most important is to make others happy.



“During Tiffany’s photo shoot, the child accidentally urinated on her. (Instead of getting distraught), Tiffany said, ‘Children’s urine is like medicine for the skin. It’s good for you.’ I realized then that Tiffany did not have just a pretty face but a beautiful heart as well. It really made me see her in a new light.” Jo Se Hyun (Photographer)


Jessica interact with SNSD’s little fans


“In the early stages of their career, we made the girls eat at the table and we (staff) were eating on the floor. And one member started to cry because she saw that all the staff unnies and oppas were eating on the floor… It was Taeyeon.”

Suhjin, SNSD’s hairdresser (Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Radio, 13th January 2009)




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  1. Thank You! I love snsd so much. They’ve become my light when darkness comes just to ruin my life, they are my inspiration. Thank you.. Thank you.. so much. I don’t know about the silent treatment, and I feel bad about it, but seeing snsd now its like nothing happens bad in the past because of their bright smiles.

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